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Celebrate School with KinderCone
May 23, 2010, 9:03 am
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It came in a large rectangular box, enclosed in an assortment of beautifully colored tissue paper we found a giant red cone. What could it be?



My 5 year old was brimming with excitement and anticipation as we gently took the cone out of the tissue paper. The vibrantly colored beautiful red cone with cute little illustrations all over it, she was in awe and we hadn’t even peeked inside!!

As she sat down and dove into the giant red cone it became apparent that this was one special gift! A gift of treats celebrating school- specifically made for those entering 1st grade, layer after layer of things to enthrall a 6 year old– a book (a journal really) “Me, Myself and 1st Grade” which includes an exclusive KinderJournal for keeping track of memories, a bundle of pencils, a cute little yellow cat named Karl- complete with a tiny bag over his shoulder,  a bunch of (temporary) tattoos, and finally a certificate stating that we had a very special KinderCone, one of only a limited number made. How cool! As we went through our treasures and talked about them we got more and more excited about school and all of the fun things that comes with entering 1st grade. All of this thanks to KinderCone!! 


What is KinderCone?  Simply put, it is based the Schultute German tradition dating back to the early 19th century. Oftentimes, the first day of school can be a bittersweet moment in a child’s life, but in Germany and Austria it is marked by a day of celebration and appreciation. On that day, families present their first grader with their very own Schultüte. Inside, the child finds little gifts, treats, and school supplies. From this concept, founder Vivian Lie (a native of Germany now living in Chicago with her family) formed KinderCone in 2008. Her hope is to inspire every family and their young children to enjoy learning by celebrating this special event in their lives.

Much more on KinderCone and how to order these special treats for your youngester can be found at

“I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of KinderCone and received KinderCone samples to facilitate my review. Mom Central also sent me gift certificate to thank me for taking the time to participate.”


Book Review: Plan B
May 3, 2010, 9:19 am
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Plan B –  What Do You Do When God Doesn’t Show Up the Way You Thought He Would?  

By Pete Wilson

My Review:

How many times have we all said- this wasn’t the way it was supposed to turn out! This isn’t what I planned! We all think that we have such control over our lives, we live day to day with the authority to make decisions for ourselves and our family that we feel is best and we go with it. Some people are more controlling than others in their quest for the “perfect life”. Ultimately though at one point or another I think we all come to the realization that WE do not have the ultimate control over our lives, God does. This is a very difficult realization to discover for many people, and oftentimes it comes smacking us in the face when we are down and want to blame someone…something…anything besides ourselves. We get mad, sad, frustrated and feel let down, how can God love us and still let us live the lives that He does? With so much pain and uncertainty, so many ups and downs, how can a God that loves us let these things happen? This is what the author Pete Wilson discusses in Plan B. The book is about how even when we are questioning everyone and everything around us about things that have happened in our lives, God is always there, just many times in ways in which we don’t see.

I think during this time of our lives when so many friends and neighbors are struggling with the loss of jobs, loss of houses, loss of spouses, we are ALL affected in one way or another and question why these things are happening. I have been in the midst of discussions with friends that are so difficult, so many questions of why? and what do I do now? These aren’t easy questions to answer, but to be able to give a friend this book and have them read what Plan B is and how Pete Wilson gives a different perspective on things and hope for the future is worth the price of admission (buying the book).

It is a great read for anyone, because at this time of great uncertainty even if you aren’t going through a rough time yourself, you know someone that is. And chances are that at some point you’ll be traveling down a path in your life you weren’t anticipating, and this little book might just be the resource to support you and get you through.

Book Description:

Learn how God often does His best work in our most hopeless situations.

What do you do when a shattered dream or an unmet expectation causes you to turn to Plan B? Pastor and author Pete Wilson uses real life stories of disappointments and tragedy along with biblical stories such as David, Joseph, and Ruth to help readers face their own overwhelming situations and through them to learn God is working to help them surrender their plans to receive His. He identifies our common responses to difficulties and offers hope, helping us to

Understand what God might be up to See how surrender helps us to receive God’s plan Embrace the community of believers Reconcile a God of love with a life of tragedy and suffering Wilson points readers to the cross as not just the starting line but the centerpiece of our stories with God where we turn in our Plan B and find the undeniable relationship between crisis and true spiritual transformation

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